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Gravity Sand Filters

Incorporates the principles and advantages of both shallow & deep bed sand filtration media for the removal of solids & biological nutrients from wastewater streams

Evoqua incorporates multiple types of gravity filtration systems, all tailored to excel at required solids removal-based applications. Our suite of systems is engineered to accept non-pressurized water and remove various contaminants. These systems can be incorporated into the treatment process without the need to re-pump the water and are available in both up-flow and down-flow configurations. Deep bed and shallow bed options available. Gravity filters can be utilized to biologically remove nutrients

Hydro-Clear® Sand Filters

Low capital cost & operational flexibility

Gravisand® Sand Filters

Available in steel or concrete tank designs or provided as a retrofit package for use in existing basins

Continuous Backwash Filters

Deep bed filtration up to 120 inches

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Gravisand® Sand Filter Systems

Industry leading filtration system for wastewater effluent polishing

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Davco™ Continuous Backwash Sand Filters

Ultimate reliability in gravity filtration for tertiary nutrient removal.

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Hydro-Clear® Sand Filter

Pulsed-bed sand filtration for ultimate reliability and compliance

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TES & NxClear® Dentrification Filter

Traditional deep-bed, down-flow media filter for low discharge limits

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