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5 Things You Didn't Know About Defender® Regenerative Media Filters (RMFs)

Everyone appreciates clean and clear water for swimming or relaxing in, but for those who operate pools, spas and waterparks, operational efficiency is also key. One of the hidden heroes helping keep bathers across the globe safe and operators in business, is the Neptune Benson Defender Regenerative Media Filter. To shine a spotlight on this technology, Aneta Gola, Senior Product Manager at Evoqua Water Technologies, shares her top five facts about the Defender filter.

Firstly, for anyone new to the Defender filter, it is a regenerative media filter commonly used for aquatics applications. Regenerative media filtration is an alternative to traditional sand filtration and can achieve 1 micron filtration, delivering unsurpassed safe and clear water. What really sets it apart for operators is its operational efficiency and the significant savings it delivers, such as up to: 90% water, 50% energy and 30% on fuel and chemicals.

Here's my top five – less well known – facts about the Defender RMF.

The Defender RMF is Over 19 Years Old

That makes it older than the iPhone! The technology has a long history of proven performance. To date there are over 4,000 Defender filter installations globally, keeping bathers safe in a vast range of spaces including swimming pools, spas, and even surf parks. 


The Defender RMF Has Reached the Far Corners of The Earth

The technology has been installed in over 50 countries, from its birthplace in the US, to the UK, the UAE, an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean and everywhere in between. Yes, that’s right, there's a Defender filter in a local community pool in one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas. The region has outstanding natural beauty, where there are more polar bears than humans, and sustainability is a top priority to help preserve the environment. Sustainability was therefore a key factor in selecting the Defender filter for this installation.

Water at Sub-Zero Temperatures Benefits From Defender Filtration

Today, the Defender RMF is working to keep water used for ice and snow production safe and crystal clear for our customers. This includes indoor ski centers and large-scale indoor ice and snow parks.

It's Not Just Humans That Need Superior Water Quality From the Defender RMF

The Defender filter is helping keep an extensive range of animals safe and thriving worldwide. The technology is in use at zoos and aquariums, from small facilities to some of the planet’s most popular tourist attractions.

The Defender RMF is Manufactured by Neptune Benson

This might seem like a more obvious fact, but we are proud that in almost two decades since the first Defender filter was introduced, we have retained control of our manufacturing. Neptune Benson was established in 1956 in the US and still, to this day, a dedicated in-house team of fabricators and assemblers in our US based plants work together to bring the Defender filter to market. In fact, it takes around 30 people to build and ship each Defender RMF and its accessories.

Hopefully you found this as interesting as we did as we gathered some of the lesser-known facts about the Defender RMF. If you are using a Defender Regenerative Media Filter and have a story of your own, please do share it with us.

To find out more about the Defender RMF and how it could help your aquatics business achieve operational savings, contact us at nbsales@evoqua.com.