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VX 456 Mixed Oxidant Solution

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Fast-acting waste stream odor control.

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Discontinued product

Fast-acting waste stream odor control.

Discontinued product
VX 456 Mixed Oxidant Solution


Evoqua's ​VX 456 mixed oxidant solution is designed to remove and control malodors in waste streams. It reacts rapidly with sulfides and other odor-causing compounds and controls odor for an extended period of time. VX 456 can be added directly to systems, applied as a spray on exposed sludge, or fogged above the surface of the odor source.

Read how the VX456 solution eliminated odor complaints from a residential subdivision in Nashville, Tennessee. ​



  • Wastewater collection systems
  • ​Anaerobic lagoons
  • Solids processing
  • Sludge dewatering operations
  • Low pressure sewer systems
  • Collection systems