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Municipal Odor and Corrosion Control Services

Water One® full-service programs for odor and corrosion control that prevent formation or remove odor causing compounds such as hydrogen sulfide

Water One® programs include turnkey installation and monitoring of chemical feed systems, biofilters and carbon absorbers. Evoqua’s innovative Link2Site® web monitoring and control system provides operators with real-time visibility and control for more efficient use of chemicals, resulting in reduced labor requirements and better odor and corrosion control. The Link2Site web platform interfaces with the VaporLink® hydrogen sulfide monitor and VersaDose® dosing controller for comprehensive performance monitoring and dosing control. Our suite of odor control solutions includes: air scrubber based treatment, nitrate solutions, pH shift solutions, oxidizer-treatment, and iron salt treatment. 

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Alkagen® Solution

Cost-effective odor and corrosion control

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BIOXIDE® Calcium Nitrate Solution

A safe, natural solution for the elimination of odor and corrosion

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Odophos® Iron Salt Solution

Collection System Odor and Corrosion control

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VX 456 Mixed Oxidant Solution

Fast-acting waste stream odor control.

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WHISPER® Biofilter

High efficiency biological air scrubber.

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Link2Site® Web Monitoring and Control Solution

Reduce costs and improve odor and corrosion treatment with real-time monitoring and control

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VersaDose® Automated Dosing Controllers

Optimal odor control efficiency and effectiveness

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SC-471 Solution: A Supplement to BIOXIDE® Solution

Achieve a higher degree of odor and corrosion control

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Odor Reduction Corrosion Abatement (ORCA): A Water One® Services Solution

Digitally enabled odor and corrosion control service for maximum protection

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Enzaquor™ Solution

Low-Dose Sulfide Prevention

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