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WHISPER® Biofilter

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High efficiency biological air scrubber.

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Discontinued product

High efficiency biological air scrubber.

Discontinued product


The WHISPER® Biofilter is a one or two stage odor control unit that utilizes natural biological processes for optimal odor removal. Whisper units are designed for quiet operation with high odor removal.

How it works 

WHISPER Biofilters are packed with Bioglas® media. The Bioglas media is manufactured in the USA from acid resistant recycled glass material as the substrate for the biomass. Each media bed is intermittently irrigated with water and nutrients to provide optimal conditions for the biomass growth.

The unique irrigation system uses a rotating arm to provide the most uniform water and nutrient distribution available. The incoming air is passed through the unit by a variable speed corrosion resistant fan, which provides quiet operation, and then through an air distribution plate to provide even distribution throughout the media. The WHISPER Biofilter removes 99% of incoming H2S and effectively reduces other common odor compounds. The WHISPER Biofilter can treat airflows up to 1,100 cfm, and H2S concentrations above 100 ppm. The units are designed and fabricated in the USA with skid mounted controls for easy installation and operation.

Evoqua has six (6) regional service centers staffed with experienced personnel that can provide turn-key Full Service WHISPER units on a monthly rental basis or for capital purchase. Our Full Service program includes on-site evaluation, installation, operation, service, and performance reports. With Evoqua, you can rest assured that odor problems are under control.



  • Achieves 99% Hydrogen Sulfide Removal
  • Innovative Rotating Irrigation System
  • Nondegradable Bioglas® Media
  • Integral Nutrient Feed System
  • Variable Speed Fan for Quiet Operation
  • Low Profile for Residential Locations
  • Designed and manufactured in USA


  • Lift Stations
  • Headworks
  • Vaults or enclosed areas in the collection system