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Webinar: Addressing Microbial Concerns in Pharmaceutical Water Systems

Sources of contamination, regulatory requirements and solutions for effective bacteria control

Microbial contamination is a rising concern in the pharmaceutical industry, with significant risk to the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process. ​When developing water system requirements and operating procedures, it is important to consider the product you are manufacturing,​ the relationship between materials of construction, potential for bacteria growth, operational parameters and sanitization procedures.

In this webinar, presented by industry experts Gary Zoccolante and Rich Jarrett , learn about regulatory requirements for bacteria control, how to manage contamination​ risk and how to design and operate a water system for effective microbial control.​​​

Key Learning Objectives

  • Regulatory and internal quality control requirements for bacteria
  • Microbial contamination risk areas
  • Proper design, operation and sanitization of pharmaceutical water systems

Addressing Microbial Concerns in Pharmaceutical Water Systems

Regulatory requirements for bacteria control, how to manage contamination​ risk and how to design and operate a water system for effective microbial control.

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Gary Zoccolante
Technical Director, Plymouth Rock Water Consultants

Gary Zoccolante has more than 45 years of experience in the design, operation, and trouble-shooting of pharmaceutical water systems. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University and was pharmaceutical technical director at Evoqua Water Technologies for over 35 years. He has also been involved in the development of equipment for pretreatment, reverse osmosis, deionization, ultrafiltration and distillation.

Zoccolante is a member of the ISPE Critical Utilities Community of Practice Steering Committee. He has worked on the development of the ISPE Good Practice Guide—Commissioning and Qualification of Pharmaceutical Water and Steam Systems Editions 1 and 2.

Gary Zoccolante is a frequent lecturer for many pharmaceutical groups and has chaired many courses. He has presented for ISPE, Interphex, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Institute for International Research, Center for Professional Advancement, PDA, Pharmtec, Barnett International and many others. Zoccolante has authored and co-authored many papers on pharmaceutical water production and system operation and maintenance. He also holds several patents for pharmaceutical water processes.


Rich Jarrett
Director of Pharmaceutical Marketing, Evoqua Water Technologies

Rich Jarrett is Evoqua’s pharmaceutical marketing director, leading efforts around water treatment solutions and product requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. He has more than 14 years of experience working with the pharmaceutical industry in developing products and services for improved quality, reduced cycle time, enhanced manufacturing and regulatory compliance.

Jarrett is a member of ISPE and the Critical Utilities Community of Practice.