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Anaerobic Digestion Retrofits

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Expertise from simple repairs to complete replacements

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Discontinued product

Expertise from simple repairs to complete replacements

Discontinued product
Anaerobic Digestion Retrofits


Evoqua is your OEM source for Dystor®, Pearth™, JetMix™, PFT® and other Envirex® brand replacement parts, engineering support, and on-site installation services. Our product specialists and service team can provide inspection services, engineering, and process expertise along with complete turnkey installation and repairs. 


Common Anaerobic Digestion Issues

  • Membrane cover binding
  • Waste gas burner flaring irregularly
  • Mixing issues
  • Leaking water or sludge
  • Bent, broken or missing rollers

Products & Expertise

  • Digester covers (floating or fixed)
  • Gas holders (including Dystor)
  • Digester mixing (including Pearth and JetMix)
  • Heaters / heat exchangers and digital control upgrades
  • Gas safety equipment

Preventative Maintenance, Upgrades, and Services

  • Inspection services for any component or complete digestion system
  • Operator training
  • Complete turnkey installation services and repairs available
  • OEM parts for all Envirex® and PFT equipment
  • Engineering and process expertise
  • Control system upgrades