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From aerospace, automotive, chrome platers to full mining operations, we provide water treatment solutions

Metals in water can be naturally-occurring or as a manufacturing waste byproduct. In either case the metals must be removed from groundwater or other source water prior to municipal distribution. Metals must also be removed from industrial or manufacturing process wastewater to maintain compliance prior to discharge to municipal sewer or to waterways.

Today’s mining operations are increasingly complex and water intensive. In order to maintain profitability and ensure environmental compliance, continuous access to high quality water and the most reliable process for treating wastewater are necessary.

Our water and wastewater solutions are designed to help mining companies recover and recycle the maximum amount of water possible, substantially reducing overall costs while achieving regulatory compliance. Our mining industry experts provide everything from water supply and process water solutions to effluent treatment, reuse and dewatering of tailings and concentrates — optimizing each step of the process to enhance your overall yield and efficiency.

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