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Digestor Components

Solutions for biogas storage, mixing & heat/heater exchangers reducing energy consumption & operational costs

Evoqua offers a full range of anaerobic digestion equipment and process support to complete an efficient, fully functional system for biosolids reduction and biogas generation in both municipal and industrial applications. Our anaerobic digestion equipment is deeply rooted to established product designs from legacy brands, such as Pacific Flush Tank, Rex Chainbelt, US Filter, Liquid Dynamics and Envirex. Developed over the past 100+ years, these products have evolved to offer higher efficiencies and economical costing, while retaining the robust design hailed by legacy brand customers for longevity and operational performance sustaining equipment.

Anaerobic Digester Covers

Gas storage solutions to effectively use produced biogas

Anaerobic Digester Mixing

Better digester mixing with less energy demand

Heat Exchangers

Safe & reliable operation for long-lasting performance

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Ostara's Pearl® System by Evoqua

A nutrient recovery solution to help transform wastewater treatment plants into true resource recovery facilities



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Anaerobic Digestion Retrofits

Expertise from simple repairs to complete replacements

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Dystor® Double Membrane Digester Gas Holder Systems

Dome-shaped, engineered membrane system to store biogas, and prevent odors.

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Duo-Deck Digester Covers

Fixed and floating steel digester covers and gasholders of the truss style, dual-deck design

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Captivator® System

Produce more biogas and consume less energy and space

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